Coming Home Again

Coming Home Again

It’s happened to most people when they lose either a child or a pet – the panic, the frantic searching, and the relief when you finally get them back. Then that thought: “If I could only put a tracker on you.” Well, for pets at least, you can do this. Whether they have a collar on them when they are lost or not, you can attach a microchip to them and give them a unique ID number that can be scanned by a vet.

Most microchips are about the size of a grain of rice and painlessly go under your pet’s skin. Then the microchip stays there forever and doesn’t cause any damage to your pet. But it contains an ID when scanned, and identifies the pet as yours, so you can be contacted. Almost like a barcode that shares your pet’s ID number.

The chips do not hurt your pet and can be installed in seconds with a simple shot at places like homeagain microchip service houston tx. Then they never wear out and don’t need to be recharged or monitored. So, they can be a great addition to the normal collars that your pets wear. Register the microchip in a database and then once the ID number is scanned, the database will go to the number and see your contact information.

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The microchips have a real effect on how animals are returned and allow for you to have complete and total peace of mind if your furry friend ever gets lost. It’s painless, easy to set up, and gives another defense against the fear of losing a pet. That’s something that every pet owner needs.

Microchips are not GPS powered tracking devices, but if you want that extra bit of security, you can look for a collar that contains a tracker to give yourself another option.