Common Ways to Damage Your Phone

Common Ways to Damage Your Phone

With our phones being so close to us nowadays, it’s pretty common for them to get broken or damaged because they are always being handled and fiddled with. No one wants to spend major money on repairs, so what are some of the common causes of phone-related mishaps and problems? If you know your enemy, you can avoid your enemy, simple as that.

Well, most phones break on a night out with friends. You could dance too hard and cause the phone to fall out of a loose pocket, drop it or splash it with fluid, or even lose it in an intoxicated haze. In order to prevent a night of fun from turning into a night of panic, store your phone securely or leave it with the designated driver for the night.

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Another problem is selfies, which require people to awkwardly position their phone in their hands to get the perfect shot. Sometimes that angle can cause them to slip out of your hand and hit the ground hard, which causes damage and requires iphone repair midland tx. So make sure you are holding on securely, use the timer function on your phone, or invest in a rubber case or selfie stick to add security.

Finally, keep phones away from water. They really can’t survive being dropped in water and then left there for long periods of time. Keep your phone inside a jacket pocket, away from water sources, and if you know you are going to a wet area store your phone somewhere else. Even keeping it in a plastic baggie is better than nothing.

Taking the steps to avoid the most common causes of damage will help keep your phone safer and also keep your wallet full. Plus, you won’t have to get a replacement phone!